Luther on Fasting

Martin Luther told a humorous story on fasting…

  An officer in the Turkish War wanting to encourage his men told them “That if they died in battle, they would feast with Christ in Paradise.”

After his brief pep talk the officer himself fled!

  When asked why he did not wish to feast with Christ, he said “That he was fasting that day.”



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  1. Fasting is a rather peculiar subject that the evangelical church doesn’t address too often. (of course I am narrowing that list down a bit) I might challenge everyone to think about what was/is the role of fasting in spirituality. Since I have been preaching through the Gospel of Mark, I discovered a unique perspective about it. I won’t go into too much detail here, but you can hear about what I taught on my website. Suffice to say, fasting should be more of a natural response than a means for greater spirituality.

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