Moses was a Dead Head?

As one who takes preaching the OT seriously, it was enlightening for me to find out that a professor at Hebrew University-Jerusalem has concluded that Moses was high (and I don’t mean atmospherically) when he received the Ten Commandments.

The bible is packed with drug-fuelled visions of miracles and according to a leading academic when Moses met God to receive the Ten Commandments he was on a hallucinogen-induced high. The theory, published this week in international philosophy journal Time and Mind, claims that key events of the Old Testament are actually records of visions by ancient Israelites high on hallucinogenic drugs.

See the full article here.


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  1. I’ve got to admit this is a new one for the secular world. But like the many times before they are only trying to suppress the truth of God’s power. There is nothing new, only newer methods of the same old story.

  2. That is about as bad as a group pretending to be a seminar, that passes around beads in an unscientific manner to figure out what is really true in the Bible.

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