A Gift to ET’s Readership


I have in my possession one paid admission to T4G. A friend who had signed-up and paid was called away on business and is not able to go. His loss is your gain. I am giving his seat away to the conference FREE (got permission from SGM to do this) to the first [correction] second person to respond to this post. I thought about having a contest but I don’t have time to judge, nor do I really care to.

The caveat(s): You’ll have to go as him, they cannot change the name-tag at this point. You’ll have to provide your own transportation to the event and you’ll need to find a place to stay. Sharing my bed is NOT an option. I’ll email you his name and info so that you can get access to the event.

Let me close with this. I would like to give this away especially to an expositor who lives close to the event, who is not in a financial position to go. My friend really wants this to go to someone who will be blessed by it, who normally can’t attend these events. So please be judicious in your response.

God bless!

Rich Ryan

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  1. Posted by Matt Waymeyer on April 12, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Paul: Who is Rich Ryan and how did he get the password?

  2. I am a new pastor in Indianapolis, IN. I would love the opportunity to attend.


  3. Posted by Caleb Kolstad on April 12, 2008 at 6:26 am


    What church are you serving at?

  4. I pastor Trinity Southern Baptist Church on Southport Road.

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