When in danger . . .

Some preachers find themselves in interesting places of danger from time to time. When I was serving at Grace Community Church in CA, there was a now famous incident where a man found his way into John MacArthur’s study on an early Easter morning. As John walked into the room from a back door he noticed that the man was sitting in front of his desk wearing a Roman helmet and holding a large spear. The man said, “I have come to teach you about the sovereignty of God.” John quickly replied, “I think there are some other men who would like to hear about this as well so he got up and found some “other men.”

I was reminded of this while reading from J. Manton Smith’s old children’s biography of Spurgeon entitled The Essex Lad (1892). He reports the following:

A madman one day, having by some means gained admittance to the Tabernacle, walked straight into the vestry where Mr. Spurgeon sat all alone. Closing the door behind him, he looked at the pastor with a wild glare in his eye, and said:–

“I have come to cut your throat.”

“Have you?” said Spurgeon quickly. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you; see what a mess it would make on the carpet.”

“I never thought of that,” he answered; and instantly became so subdued, that he allowed himself to be led from the room like a little child.

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  1. I have heard the MacArthur story before at Shepherd’s Conference but I had not heard the Spurgeon one. I am reading a Spurgeon biography perhaps I will encounter it again. Thanks Paul.

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