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Expository Thoughts in the Newspaper

I never thought i would make the front page of the Newspaper but in God’s providence I did (yesterday).  You can see the full article on line at

Here is the part i wanted to share with our faithful readers…

He also blogs online at “Expository Thoughts,” where he connects with other pastors around the nation for comments and advice.  With a church commitment to expositional preaching, Kolstad said it can take up to 15 hours of preparation and study to write sermons.  “Exposition [preaching] is unpacking what a particular text means and apply it to our congregation,” he said.  First Baptist Church does a blended worship of traditional hymns and contemporary praise choruses. “Our life is really the church,” he said.

Favorite hospital texts…?

So what are your top 3 “hospital texts”?  Close to half my new congregation is over 65 so i have been making many trips to visit our shut ins and of course have been over to the local hospitals.  What Bible verses do you like to encourage Christians with in these circumstances?

What do you do when…

What do you do when you can’t seem to come up with an appropriate illustration to begin your morning sermon?

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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