New worship CD review

I have recently enjoyed listening to a new worship album so much that i wanted to bring it to our readers attention.  Patrick and Amy Fata helped lead the praise and worship time at my former home church in Indiana and they have just released another CD.

The CD is entitled “EXALTED LORD.”  Eight out the ten songs were written by the musicians.  In this regard they are a lot like Keith and Krysten Getty.  The lyrics are God-centered and Biblical.  I especially appreciate the seventh track that talks about glorifying the Lord in the midst of trials and difficulty.

The music is fresh and very enjoyable.  You can listen to some of the songs for yourself before purchasing the CD at 

“You’re the shining Light appearing to Saul, the fourth man in the fire.  Creator, Rebuilder, You are the Justifier. 

You’re the Sun of Righteousness with healing in your wings; the Lord of Lords, our blessed hope, the King of Kings.

Exalted Lord, reigning high, over earth, over sky; Exalted King, on your throne, glorious grace and mercy shown. Exalted Christ, crucified, defeating death to bring us life. Savior, Friend, so much more, exalted Lord.”

Lyrics from the song “Exalted Lord”

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