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Over the past month I have written 5 sermons from the Book of Revelation.  In a “perfect week” I have time to read all the commentaries i own on the particular passage I’m preaching on (after i have done my exegesis, word study work, etc).

Here is the priority order I’ve given these resource books if i don’t have time to read all of them during a particular week.  For this article i have placed the commentaries into 3 general categories.  These three categories assist me in different aspects of my sermon preparation.

Exegetical helps:

1. R.L. Thomas (in my opinion the best work available)

2. R Mounce

3. A.T. Robertson

4. D Aune

5. G.K. Beale


Expositional helps: 

1. S Kistemaker

2. J MacArthur

3. A. Johnson

4. Jamison, Fausset, Brown

5. L Morris

6. J Walvoord

7. W Hendrickson

8. C Feinberg


Application helps:

1. C Keener

2. W Barclay

3. M Wilcock

4. W Wiersbe

5. Ironside

6. M Wilson

7. A Barnes

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  1. Have you seen Mitchell Reddish’s commentary? It is really good.

  2. The list you have chosen is solid. I found Ladd and Beasley-Murray helpful as well. If you’ve never used Tom Constables notes I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with his notes on Revelation.

    Click to access revelation.pdf

  3. Posted by Scott Christensen on September 19, 2008 at 1:04 am

    If you can ever get your hands on S. Lewis Johnson’s class notes from DTS on Revelation, they are priceless.

  4. Reddish- Have not seen or heard of it before? Thanks for the heads up.

    I will check out Tom Constables notes. Thanks.

    I would love to get my hands on Johnson’s class notes? Any suggestions as to where one could find them? His website offers free sermons but i don’t think it offers up his notes.

  5. I looked at Reddish on the recommendation of Richard Oster who is a professor at Harding Graduate School of Religion. When he says something is good it always pays to check it out. He was right about Reddish in the Smith and Helwys Commentary Series. It comes with a full text CD with a handy searchable pdf of the whole commentary. Really worth a look.

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