Excellent New Book on Marriage

If you’re like me, you often find yourself putting your marriage on cruise control. In recent weeks, God has used a really helpful book to break me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to be a godly husband to my wife. That book is Tying the Knot Tighter by Martha Peace and John Crotts, and it is my privilege to recommend it to you.

Tying the Knot Tighter consists of 120 pages divided into 19 short chapters which cover just about everything the Bible says about marriage. Topics include the importance of prayer, the biblical roles of a husband and wife, communication with your spouse, and how to resolve conflict in your marriage.

My favorite part of the book is that it lists out a series of extremely convicting questions at the end of each chapter. When my wife and I sit down to work through it, I read the next chapter aloud, we talk through the questions, and then we spend some time praying together. It has been a tremendous blessing for both of us. In addition, each chapter ends with two recommended resources for readers who want to dig deeper in a particular area.

Whether you are facing significant challenges in your marriage, or you simply need to be spurred on to be a more faithful partner to your spouse, this book is a great resource. It is true to the Scriptures, easy to read, and extremely practical. If you are married, or hoping that some day you will be, I highly recommend this book.


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  1. Amen!
    This is a great book and a fantastic gift to give to newlyweds!

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