The Preacher and Pride

This morning as I sat here in my study preparing for next Sunday’s sermon, it occurred to me that the choice of whether or not to preach the Bible simply comes down to this: Do I think more highly of what I have to say or of what God has already said in His Word? Put another way, whose words do I truly believe are more trustworthy, authoritative, and efficacious in the hearts of the people? Mine? Or God’s?


I’m reminded of the words of Jesus in John 7:16-17 where He explains to the Jews that His teaching is “of God”—that it has its ultimate source in the Father—rather than being “from Himself.” In the very next verse, Jesus draws out a universal principle and says: “He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory” (John 7:18). Isn’t that precisely what’s taking place when a preacher proclaims something other than the Bible? Isn’t he speaking “from himself” rather than “of God”? And isn’t he therefore, according to the words of Jesus in John 7:18, seeking his own glory?


May God strengthen our confidence in His Word and protect us from this kind of pride.

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  1. Posted by Mike Jarvis on October 20, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    And it’s amazing how subtle that pride can be even when you think you’re being faithful to the text.

    Preach the Word, Matt!

  2. Amen! This was an encouragement to me today. Thanks so much.

  3. good words.

  4. I know a pastor who spends more time talking about himself than he does about Jesus. he is a nice guy but for someone getting paid $50k per year to talk about himself is a ripoff for the congregation. It is sad that he does not understand the need to preach Christ and Him crucified! good work here!

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