The Preacher of God’s Word.

Pastor Steve J. Lawson contributed the following chapter in the helpful new book John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion Doctrine & DoxologyLawson points to 10 Distinguishing Marks of Calvin’s pulpit ministry.

1. Calvin’s preaching was biblical in substance.

2. Calvin’s preaching was sequential in its pattern.

3. Calvin’s preaching was direct in its message.

4. Calvin’s preaching was extemporaneous in its delivery.

5. Calvin’s preaching was exegetical in its approach.

6. Calvin’s preaching was accessible in its simplicity.

7. Calvin’s preaching was pastoral in its tone.

8. Calvin’s preaching was polemic in its defense of the truth.

9. Calvin’s preaching was passionate in its outreach.

10. Calvin’s preaching was doxological in its conclusion.

In the words of Calvin himself, “A rule is prescribed to all God’s servants that they bring not their own inventions, but simply deliver from hand to hand, what they have received from God.”

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  1. Number 4 is what gets me. To me, the only way it would be possible to preach extemporaneously and yet fulfill the other 9 is through much study of the Word and much prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I suspect that no matter how deeply steeped I think I am in a text I want to teach or preach it likely will not be anything compared to Calvin.

  2. No need to try and imitate that point. Calvin was a unique theologian/preacher. The other 9 points should be done though. God help us all!

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