The Emerging Church from an economist’s perspective

Now for something completely different. I believe the whole Emergent/emerging church thing is one big train wreck not waiting to happen but has already happened. Some folks marginally associated with it in the past are still looking at the damage from the wreck saying, “see that wasn’t so bad.” I remember a number of us were discussing this here about four years ago and not a few of us said the whole thing sounds like warmed-over liberation theology mixed with a little java and jazz. I distinctly remember one fellow pastor looking at me like I was from Mars when I suggested that any ministry looking to expand the role of government for the sake of “social justice” would actually weaken the church.

Now economist William L. Anderson (Frostburg State University) is weighing-in on the emerging church saying what many theologians have observed for a number of years. “If one wishes to get at the core of the ‘Emergent Church’ theology, as loose as it might be, one finds that state action, and especially the government-led welfare state, is the earthly theological manifestation of Christianity. In other words, Christianity is not complete without the welfare state, as the welfare state is the essence of Christianity.”

Anderson goes on, “As one reads not only the Sojourners literature, but the works of Brian McLaren, Wallis, and others who are influential in this whole movement, one realizes that this is a theology (if one can call it that) which is grounded in the state engaging in welfare and distribution. If they are united in anything, it is not in Jesus Christ, crucified and raised again, but both in hatred of capitalism and the ascendancy of Barack Obama and the re-making of U.S. society.”

See the entire article here.

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  1. Posted by Jerry Wragg on March 23, 2009 at 4:39 am

    Anderson is dead on! Those of us who were born in the 50’s & 60’s could smell this thing coming way early on. The rebellious, anti-american “peace & love” crowd of that era was pouring into evangelical churches back in the day, and their claim was identical to the EC mantra. “The church is the soup Kitchen…it is the welfare state.”

    The difference between then and now is alot more hostility and an aversion to certainty about truth. Many of today’s Emergers are yesterday’s anti-capitalist, Christian peace-corp communities, but with a whole lot more hatred for authority!

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