A few expository thoughts

From around the web:

Doug Wilson quotes Wagner on bold preaching, “The apostle believes that boldness in preaching is at heart a question of getting the message of Christ out clearly, despite the fearful threat of unpleasant consequences. In short, as I said before, boldness in the preacher is the willingness and ability to be clear in the face of fear” (Wagner, Tongues Aflame, p. 42).”

Peter Mead on boring preaching, “Is it the content?  Sometimes.  Is it the delivery? Sometimes.  Is it the lack of “illustrations” (a common quick-fix diagnosis)?  Sometimes.  Is it the presence of predictable illustrations?  Sometimes.  Is it the attitude of the preacher?  Sometimes.  Is it the personality of the preacher?  Sometimes.  Is it the personal spiritual walk of  the preacher?  Sometimes.  Is it the reality about God?  Never.”

Bob Johnson offers simple advice to new preachers (not bad for seasoned preachers also), “Faithfully explaining and applying the Scriptures will have more impact on your church than anything else you can do.”

Bill Mounce works through 1 Tim. 3:2, tackling the question: “Can an Elder be divorced?”

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