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Holy Week: Tuesday

On Tuesday on the way from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the fig tree (Matt. 21:18-19; Mark 11:12-14), and then He went to Jerusalem to cleanse the temple (Matt. 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-17; Luke 19:45-46). The religious leaders began to seek how they might destroy Him that evening, and that evening Jesus left Jerusalem, presumably returning to Bethany (Mark 11:18-19; Luke 19:47-48).

[Harold W. Hoehner, Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ, 91]

Holy Week: Monday

Last year we started a new tradition here at ET in preparation for Resurrection Sunday. Again this year we will follow the late Harold Hoehner’s chronological retelling of the events of Holy Week. Note: I’m aware that there are different takes on Hoehner’s chronology but his an excellent summary.

Monday was Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matt. 21:1-9; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-19), His visit to the temple (Matt. 21:10-11; Mark 11:11), and then His return to Bethany. The day of the triumphal entry would be Nisan 10 when the lamb was selected for Passover. Hence, the triumphal entry was the day when Christ presented Himself as Israel’s Paschal lamb.

[Harold W. Hoehner, Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ, 91]

Being the Church in an age of blogging

Another blogger throws in the towel and manages to make a few parting comments that all need to hear:

Furthermore it [i.e., blogging] has contributed to an increased democratization of the Church, where pastors called and gifted by God are “verbally chastised” by folks who have neither the experience nor theological knowledge to really know what they are talking about and who have never been recognised or called by any local church, and indeed on occasion could never and would never be permitted into a pulpit. It is especially the manner of communication I am thinking of and the harm this is causing in church structures and organisation. Things are written on blogs and especially in comments threads that would never, ever, ever, be said face to face. There is serious disrespect in much blogging. To that extent blogging is contributing to the evident disrespectful society that we live in. That’s not pulling rank, pastors are accountable, but they are accountable to Christ and to their own people primarily, and this pastor has decided that that is more than enough. The forum for intelligent conversation, discussion and correction is within the local church, and when it goes outside that I believe it tends to weaken the Church. I am committed to the biblical authority structures of the local church and cannot with a good conscience continue to be part of something I fear is seriously damaging that structure.

See full post here.

Welcome All Fools!

I love a good spoof.


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