On Rating Biblical Commentaries

From time to time in the spirit of Jim Roscup we like to rate commentaries here at ET.  One thing that i was reminded of again this week is that every commentary rating is somewhat misleading.  What  I mean by that comment is that sometimes commentaries really surprise you.  For example, one of my favorite applicational commentaries is the NIV Revelation commentary by Craig Keener.  However as i came to chapter 5 i found his commentary quite weak.  On the other hand David Aune’s 3 volume exegetical commentary set has not been nearly as helpful to me as R.L Thomas’ 2 volume masterpiece.  However in Chapter 5, I found many very helpful comments in Aune’s commentary.  So just remember this point the next time you’re preparing a sermon.  Life is like a set of commentaries you never know what you’re going to get (or something like that).

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