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Has anyone used the evangelism training course from Matthias Media in their church? I am very familiar with their tracts but would like to know if anyone has found the “Two Ways to Live” course to be helpful. Was it something that your congregation was able to understand and implement? Did everyone use a training manual? Did you use the DVD in the training or only in preparation? What were the strengths/weaknesses if any?

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  1. I live in Australia and so I am quite familiar with “Two Ways to Live”. I did the course at uni about 7 years ago now (there was no DVD then) and then we did a series of cold turkey approaches to people who were around campus- that wasn’t so effective, but it did teach me the memory verses and a nice concise gospel presentation.

    I do like the course as it does give you a good outline to presenting the gospel, preferably to people you know. I sometimes still can think of the six boxes and their order… The negatives I have seen is that people just learn it by rote and then just talk at people and it gives it a bit of an impersonal feel, or they see Two Ways To Live as the only gospel presentation. Another criticism is the name, as really there is one way to live ultimately…

    It seems that most Christian groups at Australian uni’s do some form of Two Ways To Live on their campus during their “mission week”. I’ve seen the pictures “drawn” on uni footpaths with colour bottle tops to start conversations, not sure how effective that method is…

    They have a nice website as well: http://www.matthiasmedia.com.au/2wtl/2wtlonline.asp

  2. Posted by Chris Pixley on August 14, 2009 at 10:17 am


    We used it on a small scale to train a handful of people in preparation for a mission trip to Honduras. I did not personally lead the training classes, but did travel to Honduras with the team. (If memory serves, I think the DVD’s were used in the class.) I actually like the material very much and thought it gave those in our group an easily accessible and manageable format for Gospel presentation while still remaining very comprehensive. It also allows for flexibility in discussing any of the six points in more detail, which some of our folks felt very comfortable doing as warranted by the situation.

    Like all evangelistic training approaches, Two Ways To Live does run the risk of becoming just another “canned” Gospel presentation. This is something that must be guarded against when taking people through the curriculum. Having said that, I still think it provides the simplest and most flexible format (because it is a broad outline) for people and can therefore be utilized to encourage your students to learn to adapt their presentation of the Gospel to various conversational settings.

  3. Hi Paul,

    We’re fans of it. So much so that we’ve taken the decision to preach through the 6 “boxes” later on this year as an exercise in helping the congregation think through the gospel and evangelism.

  4. Thanks for the help fellas, your comments have been very helpful.

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