Review of Beth Moore’s “Believing God”

As a pastor, I am frequently asked about Beth Moore’s many published books and lectures by ladies who are looking for helpful Bible study materials. While I have perused many of her works I have yet to write a formal review detailing my thoughts and concerns. Our friend Craig Johnson has performed a helpful service and penned a careful and detailed review of one of Mrs. Moore’s more popular works: Believing God. Johnson writes:

My overall impression: While there are many good things about the book, I would never recommend it. In fact, the weaknesses of the book are so significant that I would go so far as to discourage people from reading it – if they are reading it for the purpose of being edified.

Be sure to read his entire review here.

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  1. Thank you Paul for taking the time to explain the theological errors. I have attended Beth Moore’s conferences and classes and knew what I read wasn’t 100% correct. Most of the women just listen and accept what they hear as truth; it takes disclipline to really study the Bible. God Bless you!

  2. Posted by Carole Sorrell on February 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    In your opening comments above, you state: “Our friend Craig Johnson has performed a helpful service and penned a careful and detailed review of one of Mrs. Moore’s more popular works: Believing God.” Will you please help me understand who is Craig Johnson, what are his credentials, his authority, etc.? I studied Believing God and wished I had read his review before I took the course. Has he done a review of Beth Moore’s “Daniel?” Or any of her other books or Bible studies?
    Thank you for your response.

  3. Carole,

    Craig is a pastor in New Hampshire. You can see more on him here:


  4. Posted by Jessie on March 16, 2010 at 3:05 am

    I am currently involved in the Believing God study and have found my relationship with God strengthening. Isn’t that the point? If anyone is to do a study of this type, isn’t the motive to refresh yourself with the Creator? Beth is only human and this study, like the rest, is ultimately her interpretation of the scripture and examples of the change that they brought her. Please do not believe that this book is one that you can pick up for some easy reading to fill your spare time. I feel that this study can be a tool to help anyone who struggles with blind faith or worry. Regardless of your denomination, I believe that your journey through this text can help bring you to a brand new experience of being “plugged in” to our Source!!!

    • Posted by Wanda on April 23, 2010 at 7:35 pm

      I agree. I am approaching my last week of the study, Believing God. It has definitely strengthened my faith. I believe that Beth helps us to “wake up” spiritually. So many Christians today are just going through the motions and not putting scripture into action. Don’t you believe that God gave us all scripture to build our faith, to draw us closer to Him, to help us to know and understand Him better. I think it’s about time that I start fighting my battles instead of lying down and growing weary over them. Thanks to Beth, I am now doing that. Praise God that she has allowed God to work through her to reach so many people.

  5. Posted by Maria Warkentine on April 7, 2010 at 10:33 am

    As both someone with a seminary degree and a missionary for over 12 years, I strongly disagree that Beth Moore’s Believing God has serious theological errors. Conversely, her material has revitalized both my faith and my relationship in God like no other avenue. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER WORK TO ANYONE!!

  6. Maria,

    Thank you for your comment. So you would have no problem with Mrs. Moore’s prevalent misuse and misapplication of Scripture as noted in Craig’s review? What specifically do you disagree with in his analysis of her work? Would you say that her discussion of Gilgal (Josh 4), for example, is the point of that passage?

    We should be cautious of recommending material merely for pragmatic reasons such as its impact on our walk. As wonderful as that may be it is not biblical grounds for applying Scripture as we please. No one is arguing that everything she writes is unbiblical yet every follower of Christ has the responsibility to see if her writing (or that of anyone else) has biblical support.

    I appreciate the interaction and feedback. Blessings to you.


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