Sermon Preparation

John MacArthur once said that the main reason why there is not more good biblical preaching in America today is because pastors don’t know how to stay in their chairs.  In that same vein I came across this great statement over at Justin Taylor’s blog.

“There Is No Romanticism in Sermon Preparation”

C. J. Mahaney: There is no romanticism in sermon preparation. I’m 56 years old and it’s still hard. I always get to a point in preparation when I think, ‘This sermon stinks . . . and we are running out of time!’

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  1. How true it is. It is hard work and sometimes it still doesn’t work out right but I will say that the longer I do it the less hard it is…not easy…but less hard.
    MacArthur is right and I’ve been where Mahaney has been. Good thing the Lord is always there to bail us out.
    Thanks for sharing.

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