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Philosophers have long marveled at the world. But that’s not exactly accurate. Some philosophers have marveled. Most have responded to the overwhelming weight of reality with pontification and soft-boiled verbiage. The rest have just whined about what a terrible, hard, godless world it is. The world hurts their feelings, and so they fire back dissertations full of insults– calling it an accident, pointless, a derivative of chaos, occasionally even going so far as to deny its existence. But the world doesn’t care. It has thick skin, and all the most important thinkers have become part of it.

[N. D. Wilson, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl, 11]

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  1. Posted by Scott Christensen on December 4, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    I like how you weaved The Police into this post.

  2. Posted by Hayden Norris on December 8, 2009 at 10:09 am


    I read this book and liked it some and didn’t like some of it. What is your take?

    It was a discombobulating book. Made me feel like I got off of a Tilt-a-Whirl. Maybe that was the point???

  3. Hayden,

    I’m reading through it now. It reads like a book written by a children’s author who grew up in the home of Doug Wilson. In other words it’s exactly what I expected from him but it does take some getting use to in places.

    I think the book has some great apologetic value in a clearing-the-brush sort of way. It is refreshingly different which is also it’s downside for many would-be readers. It helps to have a warped view of life apart from the typical religious fluff that’s jammed down our throats so for me (a fellow with a warped sense of humor) it works. I may eventually review it here if the mood strikes me just right and the Saints aren’t playing on TV.

    What did you think?


  4. Yeah, because Auburn is def. not worth watching!

  5. Caleb,

    You’re a trouble maker. Try to conceal your envy of the SEC if possible. We both know it is the superior conference. By the way, how are the Bears working out for you?


  6. Paul-

    The no good BIG 10 in a off year still has 2 BCS teams. The SEC is great. I have always been objective here.

    The BEARS stink. I still am glad we have Cutler over Orton but this season has been very painful. Hopefully we can beat G.B. and Min to close out a bad year.

    How did the Alabama-Auburn game go over the holidays?

  7. Auburn played a great game against Bama and had the rednecks beat apart from one drive in the fourth quarter. Auburn also held the probable Heisman to 30 yards total. I was proud of Auburn in a rebuilding year hanging well against the best team in the country.

  8. Keep telling yourself that Paul! :) You guys BLEW a big game.

  9. First of all, I was rooting for Auburn (being a new Florida Gator fan! It is a requirement to live in the Gainesville area). That is what blew me away when the Tide dismantled Florida. I wish the Tide played like they did against Auburn. The Tide will kill Texas if they play like they did against the Huskers.

    Caleb, the SEC is far superior over the past 10 years! How many championships have the SEC teams racket up over that time? I lived in Michigan and watched many games when I was there and then I came to Florida and watched games. I was at the Florida Arkansas game. They play like they are in fast-forward mode compared to the Big 10. They are lights out fast in the SEC.
    S. Carolina (a midrange SEC team) beat Clemson (2nd in ACC) as did Georgia (bottom of SEC) beat Georgia Tech (1st in ACC). Watch how many SEC teams win bowl games this year!

    As far as the book, I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the funny anecdotes and interesting stories (the girl/bike one made me laugh out loud). I too thought it had some apologetic value. I tore through it because it moved so fast.

    The negative side was that it was so discombobulating. I didn’t mind that the chapters were disconnected (I loved Kluck’s ‘Reason for Sports’ and it was disconnected) but the problem was that within the chapters there seemed to be less and less of a connection as the book went on. I also didn’t appreciate the acerbic tongue and the cussing. (I am no prude, I am a former sailor in the Navy, but c’mon, drop the frat boy language). Because of this, I cannot heartily recommend it.

    I got his point. I liked his point. I liked his writing. I liked much about the story telling. I just think this, cussing and flippant language thing is a little old. It comes across as ‘he, he, he, heee. See what potty word I can use!’ (I know that you are going to say, ‘what did you expect?’; I would say ‘maturity’). Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend it to others sadly.

  10. Hayden,

    I agree with you concerning the SEC and Tilt. The language issue does wear thin and seems to be just another cheapening of redemptive communication. When did being “redemptive” come to mean base.

    War Eagle,

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