Happy Birthday Expository Thoughts and a couple of announcements

Four years ago tomorrow I asked a few friends to join me here to talk about preaching and just about anything else that we could remotely attach to it. Almost 1,000 posts later we’re still here. In the meantime Challies dubbed us “King for a Week” and Warnock gave us a “Warnie.” I’m personally holding out for a Nobel. Our first post announced what we hoped to accomplish:

This blog will be dedicated to the expository ministry of the Christian Scriptures (it’s recovery, sharpening, and systematic proclamation). We hope to provide encouragement, resources, and general discussion related to the preaching ministry.

Our goal is still the same and I hope to dedicate more time here in 2010. The last two years I have been finishing a dissertation and watching my wife give birth to two more children (four total). As long as we have preaching to do then there should be plenty to discuss. Blogs are a dying breed these days but we believe there’s still more to say about our craft. Ministry doesn’t sleep and your next sermon is right around the corner or only a couple days away. Let’s meet back here in 2010 and talk shop.

This month I am putting together a couple of interviews with Dr. Bruce Ware and Dr. R. Kent Hughes. We have book reviews, essays, and off the cuff ramblings ready to go. In the meantime, I hope to awaken my fellow contributors and have them actually “contribute.” I will even double their pay.

Blessings to you!

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  1. Congratulations from one blogger to another. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’ll check back regularly.

  3. SEC Dominance?

    Not too long ago Paul and Hayden talked up the SEC as if it were the ELITE conference in fb so much so that any other D-1 conference needs to bow to their supremacy. I humbly admitted that (normally) the SEC is the best but that they are not that much better than everyone else…

    Did anyone actually watch the Penn State- LSU game? Or even NW vs Auburn? Hayden said that Big 10 teams are slow and not athletic enough to play with SEC teams. In the last 10 years the SEC has won 14 bowl games against Big 10 teams while the Big 10 has won 13. Facts are hard to deal with.

    Add to that Wisconsin vs Miami or Ohio State vs Oregon…. Enough said.

  4. I am glad to hear you guys aren’t becoming weenies and deciding to quit after a “long, hard soul searching” as to whether blogging is really a valuable part of being a Christian.

    Looking forward to stopping by.

  5. smart move Paul. Wait to see if a few more SEC teams win and then post.

    Happy Birthday ET

  6. It is a good thing Hayden and Paul can preach because they don’t have a career in sports broadcasting. The Big 10 becomes the 2nd conference in BCS Bowl History to beat 4 top 15 teams in a bowl season. Wisconsin, Ohio State, Iowa, and Penn State in a down year for the Big 10.

  7. You’re right Caleb, the Big Ten is the most awesome and amazing conference ever. So which Big Ten team do you think will win on Thursday for the National Championship?

  8. Are we talking about which conference has the best TEAM or TEAMS…? Go back and repost what you and Hayden wrote. Remember friend i said year in/year out the SEC has the best conf. in the college FB. I also said they are not as amazing as you and Hayden and many others make them out to be. The football field has proven my assertions to be correct. I know that is a hard pill for some to swallow.

    The top 5 teams in the Big 10 went 4-1 this year in Bowl games and Northwestern (our 5 team) lost a very close game in overtime to a SEC team.

    Let’s not turn this into the SPIN ZONE. ;) The Big 10 becomes the 2nd conference in BCS Bowl History to beat 4 top 15 teams in a bowl season. Wisconsin, Ohio State, Iowa, and Penn State in a down year for the Big 10.

    Hayden said the BIG 10 is slow, not very athletic, etc. He claimed to see this for himself when he moved from Michigan to Florida. Football is not played the same way by every team. Yes, certain teams have more talent (Florida, Bama, LSU, USC, Texas, OU, Ohio State) but they don’t always compete better. Go Big 10!

  9. Happy blog anniversary!

  10. Posted by Matt Waymeyer on January 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Paul: I think Caleb’s grief over the Bears’ 7-9 season is clouding his thinking.

  11. Facts are stubborn things!

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