Discipleship Lab (Winter Olympic Version)

Part of our constant grooming as pastors is to develop the gene of the “generalist.” Reading and observing widely is a skill set we all need to hone. The Discipleship Lab series will be devoted to the crumbs that fell to the floor while scouring essays, resources, lectures, and conversations. Enjoy!

  • A day in the life of a jihadist, what do they eat for breakfast? (here)
  • Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t that crazy (here)
  • King Jong “license to” il is nuttier than you originally thought (here)
  • Zinsser addresses “What is Good Writing?” (here)
  • Frontline reports that we are a digital nation. Like duh IMO! (here)
  • That “Chernyshevsky of individualism,” Ayn Rand, continues to be deconstructed (here)
  • Are too many students going to college? (here)
  • Pop Mechanics shows how to fall 35,000 feet….and survive! (here)
  • Walter Frederick Morrison died at 90, if you ever caught a Frisbee behind your back, you can thank him (here)
  • Guess who said, “I’d buy a Mac, if I didn’t work at MS”? (here)
  • Learn how to tie a bow tie (here)

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