The importance of heaven

This Sunday morning  I’ll preach sermon #61 through the book of Revelation.  I can’t wait to dive head first into Revelation 22:1-5 (this Sunday’s text).  I love the way in which the old Baptist preacher, B.H. Carroll, began his message covering this very text.

Carroll said, “I want to say, as impressively as I know how to say it, that the reason Christian people are no happier than they are, the reason they have so little power, is that they have such a misty conception of heaven, of the world to come.  And whatever is misty, is painful.  It is only those who, with a clear understanding of God’s Word as to the outcome of human life, those who by faith see eternal things, and feel the powers of the world to come, who can make any lasting impression for good in this world.  I do not care how much learning a preacher may have, if he has not a clear conception of heaven and its eternity, of hell and its eternity, he cannot be a man of spiritual power!”

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