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The death of books?

“Reaching for a book is a symbolic and literal grasp at freedom, untethered to the whim of cyber-gatekeepers.” in “Letters to the Editor” Wall Street Journal (Wednesday, August 11, 2010).

Who’s building the kingdom? (a few quotes)

Our survey of Jesus’ teaching concerning the kingdom reveals that it was announced as “near” at the opening of his ministry. In the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom and the supernatural power displayed in miraculous signs, the kingdom actually invaded human history. The salvation blessings prophesied of the kingdom age were now present. But the idea of a present “reign” of Christ over His kingdom on earth, whether seen in the church or in the total world, is never taught. Nor did Jesus teach that we are to be building the kingdom during this time (Robert Saucy, The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism, 101).

The actualisation of the rule of God is future. And this future determines man in his present. The call for conversion comes to the man who is set before God and His rule. Where man responds to this call in faith, i.e., in obedience, he is in touch with the kingdom of God which comes without his co-operation, and the Gospel is glad tidings for him (Karl Ludwig Schmidt, TDNT, 1:586-87).

The fact is that we as human beings are not going to be able to bring about the establishment and consummation of God’s kingdom. Despite all our best–and genuinely good–efforts to make the world a better place, the kingdom promised in the Bible will only come about when King Jesus himself returns to make it happen (Greg Gilbert, What is the Gospel?, 92).

Faith in the OT

The only thing that is going to cause an Israelite to take an expensive, flawless animal and sacrifice it is faith in what Moses has said (71).

From James Hamilton, “John Sailhamer’s The Meaning of the Pentateuch: A Review,” SBJT 14.2 (2010): 62-76.

Exalting Christ Conference in Vallejo, CA

Dates: September 15-17, 2010

Location: Community Bible Church in Vallejo, CA

Speakers: Bruce Ware, Anthony Carter, Steve Fernandez, Brian Shealy

Cost: $99

Purpose: “to assist and encourage pastors and church leaders to preach and exalt Christ as they shepherd their local churches and spread the gospel in their communities and beyond”

Check out the conference website.

Ekklesia Conference in Jupiter, FL

Dates: September 17-19, 2010

Location: Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, FL

Speakers: Jerry Wragg, Jon Anderson, Rick Holland, Jesse Johnson, Smedly Yates

Cost: $35

Purpose: “to instruct Christians in the inseparable truths of Christ’s church and His gospel” so that “believers would passionately serve and commit to the advancement of those realities with lifelong conviction”

Check out the conference website and the promotional video.

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