R. Kent Hughes on Preaching

Commenting on Colossians 1:25-29, “This charge has preaching as its main function, and specifically Biblical exposition.  The phrase ‘to present to you the word of God’ literally reads, ‘that i might complete the Word of God.”  The idea is to lay out the Word of God fully.  People cannot know Christ better without knowing the Word of God fully.  Preaching (exposition) was the heart of God’s call to Paul.

Preaching must open the Word of God.  Paul affirms here such preaching is primary to an authentic ministry.  There is no shortcut-it takes work.  Joseph Parker put it this way:

If i had talked all the week, I could not have preached on Sunday.  That is all.  Mystery there is none.  I have made my preaching work my delight, the very festival of my soul.  That is all.  Young brother, go thou and do likewise, and God bless thee.”

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  1. When I preached through Colossians I found Kent Hughes commentary one of the most helpful, especially in the areas of application.

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