Issues with Preaching the OT

Over the years, we at Expository Thoughts have touched on preaching the OT from a variety of angles. I’m convinced that it is one of THE issues to consider both hermeneutically and theologically. Below is a round-up containing some of our essays addressing the issue.   We have all grown since some of these articles were written but the general principles and root ideas remain the same.

Apostolic/Christological Hermeneutics

What Exactly is the “Apostles’ Hermeneutic”? By Matt Waymeyer

In search of the Apostles’ Hermeneutic (Part I) by Matt Waymeyer

In search of the Apostles’ Hermeneutic (Part II) by Matt Weymeyer

Test Case: Who is the “Seed of Abraham”? by Paul Lamey

Is the NT like the conclusion to a mystery novel? by Paul Lamey

Did Jesus spiritualize the OT? by Paul Lamey

The Relationship Between the Testaments

An Introduction by Paul Lamey

Christological Hermeneutic by Matt Waymeyer

Apostolic Hermeneutic by Matt Waymeyer

The NT View of the OT by Paul Lamey

The Priority of the OT by Randy McKinion

Walter Kaiser on 1 Peter 1:10-12 by Matt Waymeyer

Paul’s Use of Hosea in Romans 9:25-26 by Matt Waymeyer

Concluding Thoughts by Paul Lamey

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  1. WHAT?!?!?! None of my posts about preaching or hermeneutics made the list? I’m outraged!

    Oh, wait. I post here about once a year and even then, it’s usually about Calvin and Hobbes. Rebuke duly noted.

    Carry on.

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