Expository Preachers Never Have This Problem

In a normal week, Reverend Schroeder would spend most of Tuesday afternoon locked in his office with the phones on hold as he searched for his next sermon’s topic. He looked at current events, thought about the needs of his flock, prayed a lot, and if nothing happened, would go to the files and look at old sermons. When the idea finally hit, he would write a quick outline and than begin the full text. At that point, the pressure was off, and he could practice and rehearse until Sunday. Few things felt worse, though, than waking up on Wednesday morning with no idea what he would say on Sunday.

John Grisham, The Confession, p. 112

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  1. Posted by Todd on March 15, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    I thought it humorous that the Google ad at the bottom of the blog was “Get 3 Free Sermons Now” that of course is just in case you can’t think of anything…..

  2. Any truth to the rumor that the estate of St. Augustine of Hippo is suing John Grisham and his publisher for title infringement?

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