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Piper’s book and the BCS Championship

Steven Holley kept his part of the our little wager since his Ducks fell to my Tigers in the BCS title game. Thanks for being a good sport Steven and thanks for the Piper book. Now what will happen between Waymeyer’s Packers and Kolstad’s Bears?

Because it sells Carl, besides it’s what the “hip” do.

Carl Trueman has read my mind on more than one occasion:

Why, for example, do we only ever have Christian conferences on things such as the performing arts, or politics, or literature, or movies?  Why never on toilet cleaning, factory floor sweeping, or production line manufacturing?   Is it because God is not sovereign over these things?  Or is it because the whole Christianity and culture thing has been essentially hijacked and subsequently defined by the chatterati of the intelligentsia?  Is Shakespeare intrinsically more susceptible to being approached from a Christian perspective than working in a call centre?

Read the whole thing here

This is not a sports blog…

…but this was too good to pass up. In the latest issue of National Review, Richard Brookhiser refers to a World Cup soccer game as “ninety minutes of something almost but never happening.”

Question for Fellow Grammar Geeks

Sorry to interrupt the steady flow of blog posts here at Expository Thoughts, but does anyone know where I can find a copy of an English translation of Dionysius Thrax’s The Art of Grammar? I’m not looking for a collector’s item—I just want to read the thing and I’m too lazy to translate it myself.

Let me know.

My Latest Study Partner

No, it’s not Bach or Handel, or any of the other usual suspects. This time it’s Francesco Geminiani, the Italian violinist and composer who studied under Corelli and published his Art of Playing the Violin in 1751. If you enjoy Baroque while you study the Word, check out volume 1 of his Concerti Grossi. It’s tremendous.

Weekend Fun: Yes, we have finally hit bottom

In our wacky attempt to put the “fun” back into fundamentalism we have brought you a special tribute dedicated to all the preachers who once wore parachute pants or had a teased mullet. Turn up your speakers and enjoy . . .if possible.

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